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I've spent a lot of time researching many web pages for things that said "searchable" to find that they really weren't. Please feel free to visit the ones listed below, I think you'll find them to be searchable and mostly Free, but not all.  If you find sites that are truly searchable and are for the benefit of Genealogy and not just their pocket books, I'd like to hear from you.  Please send me a message at the bottom of this page. Below those are other sites that I found very useful in research. These are links that I have found to be most useful.:

July 10, 2002 - I see there are many broken links.  I'm going to start updating these.  Please let me know if you have any to add or replacement addresses.  Thanks.

May 4, 2002- Better late than never.   I've added some new sites to the Big Databases page and the booksellers.  Have fun in your research.



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