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Hi, I'm Mandy, owner/operator of a Gammill Quilting Machine. 

Disclaimer:  I do have pets, so if you are allergic to animals, you may want to give some thought to sending a quilt to me.  I will do my best to vacuum before each quilt is started, but there's no guarantees that some fur won't make it to your quilt.

General Charges:

Optional Charges:

- 3 oz poly $6.00/linear yard

- Hobbs 80/20 $7.75/linear yard

- Hobbs Wool $12.50/linear yard


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Top Preparation

Your quilt should be:


Your backing should be:


Your batting should be:



Notes on Adding Borders

Log Type:

Determine the width of the quilt by averaging the distance of two or three center measurements across the width.  Cut two borders that length and pin them to opposite sides of the quilt matching ends and centers and easing in the fullness.  Sew and press.

Determine the length of the quilt by averaging the distance of two or three center measurements across the length.  Cut these borders that length and pin, easing in the fullness.  Sew and press.



To determine length of top and borders, measure across middle width of center.  To this, add width of boarder twice plus ˝ inch.  For side borders, measure across the middle length of center.  To this, Also add twice the width of boarder plus ˝ inch.

Cut borders to length.    Fold and press ends at 45 degree angle.  This marks the miter seam. Fold border in half lengthwise to find center.  Find center of top and pin together.  Pin each end of border through the mitered crease and center of top, then pin together remainder distributing fullness throughout

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Contact Information:

The best way to contact me is via email at:  mandy@roundtuitquilting.com 


send quilts to:

Amanda Roberts
Round Tuit Quilting
3153-263rd Street W.
Northfield, MN 55057


Contact me  via phone at  612/385-7297

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